Recognise Domestic Violence

If anybody threatens, causes, or attempts to cause harm to you – it is a crime. This type of crime includes physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.


Refuge & Support Services

We offer safe and comfortable refuge place as well as outreach support. There is always someone to listen and help.


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Break the silence,
talk to someone about what’s going on.


You may wonder what causes the abuse or what you can do to make your partner stop. You may feel that he/she controls your life and keeps you isolated. You don’t know when he/she will abuse you again or when it will stop, or if it will ever stop, but you live in constant fear of it. You may never have told anyone because you feel embarrassed, ashamed, and guilty about the abuse. Maybe you don’t know where to start or with who??

It is important that you know your options because some people may refuse to believe you or will not think what is happening to you is wrong. Some may even tell you that the abuse is your fault. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

You are Not Alone...

It is believed that one in four family units in Ireland today, suffer from domestic violence. This includes emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse.

Abuse is not limited to any one group. It occurs in families from every financial, religious, cultural and educational background.